Hall of shame: blatant lies

Here we are again with a new episode of “hall of shame”.

The boards that we see here was purchased from Amazon.com.

Arduino users should beware of Amazon.com, they list Arduinos as provided by CanaKit (a legitimate distributor that does a great job) but when they ship they will send anything other “sellers” have listed as Arduino. This means that somebody wanting to buy an original board will instead receive a counterfeit product against their will.

To make matters worst the IPR infringement for Amazon is quit convoluted and I haven’t figured it out yet.

The board in the picture claims to be made in Italy, claims to be CE and FCC certified and, shamelessly, to be carbon neutral abusing the “impatto zero” trademark without actually paying to offset the CO2. (on top of bad fonts, bad map of italy etc)

myWPEdit Image

If you know how to report trademark infringements to Amazon please email/twit me and help me figure out.

Hall of Shame: Originality in board layout award

So this beauty belongs to the usual emartee people on ebay. We keep shutting down their auctions and they are still there…

You can see how the copied the silk (which we don’t release) including the map of italy (forgetting to divide sicily from the mainland..)  They even claim to have ” optimize the wiring (arrangement of wire) manually again and again to try to make it can work more perfectly and stably.” But the file they release is our zip file… no changes… so their claim is bullshit as usual.

Ah this without forgetting that this board doesn’t offset it’s CO2 so writing “Impatto Zero” is a violation of multiple regulations on top of claiming FCC and CE certification that they don’t have.. but what are laws when you’re having a bit of fun?:)


Hall of Shame: Originality in packaging award

Hall of shame is a new category of posts highlighting people who, eager to emulate Arduino, go too far.

We begin today with this brazilian company that simply took the Arduino  packaging and the Logo and made it theirs.

I don’t think this is what open source is all about. this is plainly stealing the Arduino design to trick people into thinking that they are somehow related with the official Arduino.

You have to hand it to them, it takes guts to be so shameless:)